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This profile is not for everyone so PLEASE read it carefully before contacting me. If any part of my profile is offensive to you KINDLY DO NOT CONTACT ME. My picture is not important if what I am seeking does not interest you. I'm confidant you don't want your time wasted and I don't either so if you're interested I would like to here from you. If not, I understand but please don't be rude and obnoxious about what I am looking for.
Would like to chat with Men over 50 to 60.
Warm, assertive, very passionate, sensual, attractive, medium build, dark hair and brown eyes.
Seeks and enjoys bbw man for friends and intimate relationship who is not into playing games. There is time for nice and fun people not time wasters.
Nice guy, good company, enjoyable to be around, direct and to the point in a nice way. Go out of my way not to intentionally hurt people's feelings.
I give much of myself to a good person, do the right thing and treat a Man they way He should be treated, so I seek much in return.
If you need a picture just to chat then I am the wrong man for you and kindly do not contact me. I send a picture out only after there is some mutual chemistry.

What I am looking for

I am looking for someone who is caring,a heart rob...a lover of body and soul,my romeo forever.someone who is ready to settle down with me and make a family, I'm looking for a Man who will travel near or far for love with the right woman (that's me), a Man who loves completely, deeply, and can express it. If I find the kind of Man I'm looking for I'll give my all to the relationship. I want a best friend, a love and companion, someone to laugh and smile with, someone who likes to be active and relax. Most importantly, I want someone who is honest, has integrity, a warm heart, and values the right things in life.