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Horns do hold up that halo! haha I'm totally in love with my boyfriend, John B!!!
HighSchool: Southeast School
College: Western Nebraska Community College
JuniorHighSchool: Garden County District 44 School
Music: 80's Hair Metal, How could u? by Saliva, Something In Your Mouth by Nickelback, American Witch and Dracula by Rob Zombie, Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry,Bitch by Alanis Morsette, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock and some hip hop and rap. three 6 mafia, NWA, Eze old skool rap....Jakyl, Hinder, 3 doors down, 2 Live Crew, Ozzy, AC/DC, Katy Perry(i kissed a girl), rhianna-take a bow, Lolli Lolli (let me see u pop that body),Jakyl--dirty little mind, are my favorites
TV: Law and Order, CSI, Desperate Housewives, All My Children, Nancy Grace, Steve Wilkos, Glenn Beck, Hannity, Redeye, White Collar, The Good Wife, The Mentalist
Books: Ann Rule, true crime stories, suspense, mystery, Lauren Hamilton, Iris Johansen
Sports: WWE. TNA, Kart Racing-(my boyfriend races them in the summer)-and NASCAR
Interests: Kart Racing...my boyfriend races them and I love to watch! U will find me at the race track every friday night to be his cheerleader!! GO John, GO!!!!! #3
Movies: A Haunting in Conneteciut, The new Star Trek movie, anything alfred hitchcock directed, old movies, Harvery from 1950 is my FAVORITE movie, havent met anyone yet who has ever seen the movie! suspense, psychological thrillers, the ring, the others, psycho, the birds, bad seed, The blair witch project, tango and cash, some sci-fi stuff, if its not too out there.
WhatImInto: Drinking Red beer with green olives, playing pool although im no good at it,playing darts, but watch out i dont have very good aim! lol, Talking, i love to talk! writing poetry, taking care of my kids, reading books, camping in the summer, listening to music, taking long walks, texting---i love to txt! i like to help people, am always doing something nice for my friends. I love to learn new things, am always seeking knowledge on a large array of subjects, but my favorite topic is anything in the medical field.
BestFeatures: my eyes, my lips, my nails, (the better to scratch you with my dear...)
MyDreams: My dream is already coming true, I am cherished and loved for who i am not what i can do or what i can give , he never lies to me. He is an honest and sensitive man whose feelings for me run deep, i don't have to be afraid anymore to wear my heart on my sleeve because I know that he won't hurt me like the others in my past have. I can lay all my cards on the table and receive the same from him. The sex is great but not what our relationship is based on. I finally have a man that i can really talk to and open up to. My man loves me and my kids realizing that they are my life and will always come first. This is my dream man, life couldn't be more perfect!
Dreams: My dream is to go to Gatlinburg Tennessee and visit the Great Smokey Mountains. I haven't been there since i was a kid and i want to go there again someday. It's the most beautiful place in the U.S.

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